Supported Employment

Adults in the Jobs 4 You program work in a wide variety of jobs within the community:

  • Our Supported Employment Department supports individuals in every aspect of work from vocational assessment and job development, to on-the-job-training and follow-along support as necessary.
  • The Supported Employment Job Developer’s roll is to coordinate job placement for people with disabilities at local business in the community, while providing ongoing support from professional staff members.
  • Our focus is to develop competitive jobs that allow individuals to earn an income, pay taxes and work in an environment alongside other in the community.

Job Placement

We pride ourselves on finding the best possible jobs for our consumers:

  • Gather and analyze detailed information about an available job and compare it to a worker’s ability and interest.
  • Select a Jobs 4 You applicant who is the best match to apply for the position.
  • Set up an interview with the employer.
  • Upon a job offer and acceptance, a Job Coach will be assigned to provide on-the-job training.

Job Coaching

We do our best to make sure that workers have adequate training before or during their supported employment period:

  • A Job Coach is a Jobs 4 You employee who is certified by the state to train individuals on the job.
  • Job Coaches assist new employees in learning new job duties.
  • Job tasks are taught in a systematic manner.
  • As employees gain experience and job skills the Job Coach will spend less time supervising, but continue to provide follow-along support by monitoring the employee’s progress on a weekly or monthly basis

Meet the Team

Our team provides services to individuals of all types of abilities with love compassion and caring.  Our mission is to empower these individuals to improve the quality of their lives.

Tonya Turner

Supportive Employment Supervisor

North Little Rock, AR
Cell (501) 804-2520
Office (501) 907-6547

Ivory Jackson

Job Coach
Office (501) 907-6547

Keith Renuard

Supportive Employment Supervisor

Cabot, AR
Office (501) 263-1523

Donna Cohen

Office Manager/
Administrative Assistant
Office (501) 907-6547

Roy Allison

Job Coach
Office (501) 907-6547

Tiffany Allison

Supported Employment Instructor
Office (501) 907-6547

Patricia Parker

Supportive Employment
Office (501) 907-6547

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